June 3 & 4, 2017 at The Palace Theatre (Albany)
Saturday June 3 at 11:30 AM, 2 PM & 5 PM
Sunday June 4 at 11 AM, 1:30 PM & 5:30 PM

What dance is first? Click here for the Program Order

Important dates

May 15:  Recital Tickets On Sale (on sale through June 1, then at door)

May 19, 23 & 24:  Rehearsal at Genet Elementary School 

June 3 & 4: Recital Weekend

Saturday, June 3 – 11:30am, 2pm & 5pm – Palace Theatre, Albany
Sunday, June 4 – 11am, 1:30pm & 5:30pm – Palace Theatre, Albany




Recital T-shirts are available to order for $20. Each T-shirt lists our cast list of dancers names on the back. T-shirts are available in sizes child S, M, L and adult S, M, L, XL, XXL.  T-shirts can be ordered at the studio or online  through June 8, 2017.


Our recitals are professionally recorded by local company, Golden Lamb Productions.  They offer a DVD.  Orders can be placed online, at the studio, rehearsal, or in the lobby the day of the show.


Small flower bouquets will be sold on the days of the show from our Competition Team fundraising group, ISDPOPS.

Recital Program – Due May 13 deadline has passed

We prepare a professional program for our Recital. The program (which each ticket holder receives free of charge) lists each dance and every performer. It also contains bios of our graduating seniors, well wishes from parents and 5, 10 & 15 year student recognition.

If you’d like to purchase a program ad for your business or to wish your dancer good luck, single-line messages are available online, larger ads can be emailed to the studio or purchased online.   DEADLINE HAS PASSED


2017 Information: Recital Tickets go on sale May 15 and are sold through recital weekend. Seating is not assigned (it is first come, first serve).  Families who must attend more than one recital due to scheduling conflicts will receive two complimentary tickets for the second show. The complimentary tickets will be given to the parent who signed the registration form. Families with outstanding balances on their account are unable to purchase tickets until the balance as been paid.

Complimentary and under 5 tickets must be picked-up before June 1, they will not be available at the door.


2017 Picture Days:
West Sand Lake: April 24-29
East Greenbush: May 1 – 6

Class photos are taken at the studio during class time by professional photographer, Denis J Nally. There is no sitting fee, nor is there any obligation to purchase these photos. We take a group photograph which will be displayed in the studio, followed by individual or small group photos. We ask that for small groups and individual photos, please only use our photographer’s time if you intend to purchase the photos.

On Picture Day: Students should have their hair neatly done. Older students may choose to wear light make-up. Please arrive in costume, as we have limited changing areas, unless your teacher instructs otherwise. Parents and observers may be allowed in the classroom at the discretion of the photographer and teacher. CAMERAS (of any kind) ARE PROHIBITED IN CLASSROOMS ON PICTURE DAY.

2017 Picture Viewing Days:

West Sand Lake:  Tuesday, June 6 – 3-7pm
East Greenbush:  Wednesday & Thursday, June 7 & 8 – 3-8pm

View/order class pictures and know your fall schedule early by pre-registering for fall classes!  Returning students save the registration fee when you sign up at pre-registration.




Costumes: We measure students in November/December so that we can size and order costumes over Winter Break.  Costumes arrive in March and April – each hung in its own garment bag with tights and accessories.  Costumes balances are due in March.  Students with may not take their costumes home until the balance is paid.

Costume Tips: For our youngest dancers, it may be best to keep the costume tucked out of sight at home until needed. To keep tutus fluffy, store them upside down. For wrinkly costumes, hang in the bathroom and the steam from the shower will let the wrinkles out without damaging the costume.

To make your life easier, all tights and accessories that your teachers chooses are included in your recital costume fee.  That means no last-minute running to purchase matching tights, or looking for a special hair piece.

Hair & Make-Up: Check with your teacher to find out what make-up and hairstyle they would like for the recital performance.


More Details

Frequently Asked Questions

**PICTURE REQUEST: Have dance pictures from class this year? We would like pictures for our recital slideshow (playing before each show)! Email , share them on our Facebook wall or drop them off on a CD/removable storage at the studio!**


  • Wrinkly tu-tus or tulle skirts? Hang upside down in the bathroom – the steam from showers will soften the wrinkles. Hanging it upside down will keep it full and fluffy.
  • Scuff marks on leather shoes? Mr. Clean Magic Eraser really is magic! Or a paper towel with warm water and a bit of dishsoap, gently buff.  Canvas shoes can be washed in the washing machine and hung dry, but be prepared they will feel tighter once they dry.  Do NOT put them in the dryer!
  • Label everything with your name! (Shoes, bags, camera cases, etc)
  • Doors open 30 minutes (Jr shows) or 45 minutes (Sr shows) before shows begin – dancers should arrive with hair and make-up already done.
  • For multiple costume changes, keep each costume on a hanger with all its accessories in a ziplock baggie (tights, hairpieces, gloves, etc).
  • Dancers have their own assigned seating with their class. Younger dancers (3-7 year olds) may sit with their families AFTER they have performed all of their routines.


Contact Us

1580 Columbia Tpke Castleton, New York 12033 mail@isabelledance.com Tel: 518-477-2441    
Main Office Hours July

Main Office Hours July

East Greenbush Office: Mon-Fri: 5:00-8:00 /  Tues/Wed/Thurs 10-1 / Sat 9:30-11:30 West Sand Lake: Tues 4-6pm / Wed 6-7:30pm
Convenient Locations

Convenient Locations

Two convenient locations!  Our main office is located at 1580 Columbia Tpke, just off Exit 10 of I-90 and our 2nd location is in the 43 Mall, Route 43 in West Sand Lake.  Both are less than 15 minutes from Albany.