Once you’re sure your dancer is ready for Intro To Dance, here’s a quick checklist to get you ready for the year.

  • Leotard & tights for girls, T-shirt and shorts or sweats for guys
  • Tap shoes
  • Ballet slippers
  • Hair secured off of face
  • Small notebook for stickers/stamps
  • Potty before class
  • Hug from mom or dad

For the First Class: If your dancer is a “first-timer”, we recommend waiting to purchase supplies until after the first class.  Your dancer can wear clothes she/he can move in for the first day.  Sneakers or barefoot will work well for the ballet portion of class and it is helpful to bring a second pair of shoes to change into for “tap shoes”.  If you have a shy girl or guy, your dancer may feel more comfortable observing for the first week or two before they’re ready to participate.  If you have any concerns, your instructor is happy to help.

For more advice and tips from our teachers on dance supplies, keep reading!

Leotards & Tights

Kinderdancers in tap shoes

Class is split so dancers spend half their time in ballet slippers and the other half in tap shoes.

Our youngest dancers like to express themselves, so we don’t have a color dress code for preschoolers.  While we get a lot of pink and purple, your dancer can wear whatever color he or she desires – skirt or shorts, sweater or ballet dress. We do ask that you please keep the tiara and wings at home though–large jewelry and accessory pieces are distracting to classmates (unless we are having a dress-up day!).

Tap Shoe

Tap Shoes

Girl’s tap shoes are made of patent leather (shiny) with two taps on the bottom.  Boys should look for a lace-up version made of soft leather (they look sort of like dress shoes). Have your dancer try them on with a thick pair of socks to extend the wear, but the shoes should not fall off the feet!

Tip from Our Dance Teachers:  Shoes that buckle, velcro or snap make the transition to tap shoes so easy a 3-year old could do it 🙂

Ballet Slippers

Most of our girls wear pink ballet slippers and our boys wear black ballet slippers.  Look for a leather shoe with a full leather sole on the bottom and an elastic that can be adjusted to the dancer’s foot.

Tip from Our Dance Teachers: Watch out for satin “slippers” – sold in Target and Walmart near dance supplies. They have foam bottoms that stick to the floor and are not safe for little dancers. Save them for dress up at home!

satin slippers

ballet slippers

Dance Notebook

Small Notebook

At the end of each class, our teachers often write down a step that the class worked on that day and gives the student a sticker or stamp in their “Dance Notebook”.  Many of our dancers enjoy looking back at the stickers they earned and parents can help reinforce what has been learned in class at home by simply talking about the steps.

Your teacher will explain about the Dance Notebook during the first few weeks of class.

As always, if you have any questions – ask your teacher or the office!  Here’s to a great year!

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